Factoring and Invoice Discounting for Smash Repairers

Factoring Delivers Your Money Faster

Factoring and invoice discounting are the processes of selling your invoices so you can access the money you are owed when you actually need it. Working Capital Finance is different to other invoice discounting companies because we work exclusively with smash repair businesses. It’s truly simple once you know the details.
Step 1

The quote for smash repairs is accepted by the insurance company and you get to work on the damaged car.

Step Two

Once the repair is complete, you finalise your invoice and sell the invoice to Working Capital Finance.

Step Three

We pay the invoice immediately, minus a small processing fee, so you can buy parts and complete more jobs.

Step 4

Working Capital Finance sends your insurance invoice to the Insurer and collects the money from them later.

About US

Experienced Invoice Factoring Staff

Working Capital Finance focuses solely on factoring and invoice discounting for the smash repair industry across Australia. Since 2005, we’ve been helping panel beaters, mechanics, auto shops, crash repairers and panel & paint shops to access money tied up in insurance invoices. Our team are the most experienced and most professional invoice factoring brokers and advisors in Australia.

  • • Don’t get tied up in insurance problems
  • • Get money to your bank account within hours
  • • Competitive rates of 1.75% or a flat rate of $80*
  • *One or the other (not both) and whichever is higher

1 minute Registration Form

Please fill this form if you are a new customer with Working Capital Finance
  • You have to do this Only Once to register with Working Capital Finance
Form A

Factoring Services Schedule

Please fill this form with the invoices you wish to sell to Working Capital Finance
  • Please Fill One each time you send a batch of invoices
Form B

Vehicle Collection & Clearance Certificate

This confirms the vehicle repair is complete and the owner has collected the vehicle.
  • Use this form if the Insurer/ assessor doesn’t have their own form
Form C

Our Unique History

Both the Motor Traders Association of New South Wales and the MTA of South Australia were foundation shareholders of Working Capital Finance started in 2005. No other factoring company has this advantage and history. We do business with all small repairers across Australia and MTA involvement is your guarantee of good service.

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