April 19, 2018

Invoice Discounting Service for Australian Smash Repairers

At Working Capital Finance we have one goal – to give smash repairers quick access to money that’s tied up in insurance invoices.

 Invoice Discounting Definition

Invoice discounting is a working capital solution that gives you advances on cash you’re due from insurance companies. Rather than waiting for insurance companies to pay your invoices, you can access the money now and invest that cash in your business’s growth.

Invoice discounting works by selling your invoices to Working Capital Finance. We then pay you the full amount of the invoice minus a factoring fee, giving you the power to grow your business and create repeat customers.

How Invoice Discounting Finance Works for You

At Working Capital Finance, our invoice discounting service focuses solely on Australia’s smash repair industry. We provide our services for:

  • Panel beaters
  • Mechanics
  • Auto shops
  • Crash repairers
  • Panel & paint shops

Usually, once your repair has been  completed and invoiced to the insurance company, it takes days or even weeks to be paid to you.. In the meantime, you don’t have the money to buy parts, perform repairs and keep your customers happy.

When you sell your invoice to Working Capital Finance, we pay you that same day, meaning you can buy your parts, complete your work and create return customers. It’s a smooth and hassle-free process for everyone!

Read our invoice factoring and financing FAQs.

How Much Do We Charge for Invoice Discounting?

The only money we take is a small processing or factoring fee that is deducted off the value of your invoice that we are paying to you.. We only charge the higher of 1.75% of the invoice or an $80 flat fee. The rest of the invoice straight to you with no other fees or charges!  If your invoice is over $20,000 we only deduct a 1.6% factoring fee and pay you the rest of the value of your invoice.

Read more about our costs here.

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